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Test limba engleza 3

Verificati cunostintele dumneavoastra de limba engleza prin intermediul acestui test:

1. There is no need to rush back - just ..... your time.
   have get be on take

2. They'd rather go somewhere else, .... they?
   hadn't didn't wouldn't would

3. You've got three sisters, ..... ?
   have you got don't you isn't it haven't you

4. She needs to be more careful, ..... ?
   don't she doesn't she doesn't she need needn't she

5. You're having an operation next week, ..... ?
   isn't it don't you have don't you aren't you

6. Let's go to the theatre tonight, ..... ?
   will we do we won't we shall we

7. Mary loves going to the cinema and ....... .
   so do I I too do I do so I love

8. They haven't got a computer and ....... .
   neither have I neither I have I haven't got I don't neither

9. Parent: Did my son pass the test? Teacher: ....... .
   I afraid no I afraid not I'm afraid to I'm afraid not

10. John: I'd rather stay at home. Mary: ....... .
   Would you? Wouldn't you? Had you? Hadn't you?

11. They never go skiing and ...... .
   I haven't too I don't either I do neither I haven't either

12. We got in the car and made .... Chicago as fast as we could.
   to at towards for

13. They grabbed the money and just made ....... .
   to from off on

14. We'd like to make the spare room ...... a child's bedroom.
   to up into for

15. You ought to ....... more of an effort at school.
   do take try make

16. They made an urgent ....... on the radio.
   announcement advertisement disturbance appearance

17. They announced the ....... of the flight this morning.
   cancellation abolition communication resignation

18. I ...... the FCE last week, but I didn't do too well.
   wrote passed sat for obtained

19. Could you ....... me a hammer from the shed?
   take carry bring deliver

20. The children were ..... so much fun, I hated to call them inside.
   making doing being having


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